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      The computerized means of collecting payment has evolved rapidly in the last two decades. First came computer generated bills (invoices). These were mailed to customers; customers wrote checks; payments and (hopefully the bill stubs) were returned; payment was credited to the customer's account; and, finally, checks were deposited at the bank. Next, computers printed paper that demanded money directly from the customer's bank or credit card company (paper drafts or credit card charge slips); this was better, but still there was a lot of paper and deposits were a pain. Now, with EFT, the whole process is done without paper and only returned items need manual handling.

      Over the years, MCA has helped our clients with each of these billing methods. Clients can use our software (at no cost) to generate draft or card transactions, or they can use someone else's software. Several of our clients use other software (Legend, Aphelion, etc.) to manage their fitness clubs, but use MCA to process their transactions.

      When MCA processes EFT drafts, our clients avoid reconciling individual returned items with the bank. You receive a single lump-sum payment on the effective date of the billing (two days after transactions are submitted to MCA).

      The submission of EFT credit card charges requires some coordination with your merchant center to get set up; MCA can assist you in doing that. You can then send charge transactions directly to the center from your site, or you can send the transactions to MCA and let us do it for you.

      MCA can provide effective billing services at a competitive price. Please send us a message via email or call 804-378-8845.