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MCA - the Company

      MCA was founded in 1989 as a partnership between the owners of a large Richmond, VA, fitness club and an experienced accountant. Within two years the company was providing membership and billing services for over fifty fitness clubs on the eastern seaboard. At that time, Gay Briggs was hired to handle club operations - the day-to-day billing coordination and support for the clubs.

      She excelled at what she did, and in 1996, when the original owners decided to sell the company, she bought MCA. Gay now serves over sixty clients with the help of an office assistant and a programmer. An additional twenty clubs are supported by a franchisee in Indiana.

      In the past decade, club billing has evolved from paper bank drafts, credit card vouchers and printed bills to electronic funds transfer. MCA has adapted to these changes and has become an efficient link between our clients and financial vendors.

      As the company's role has changed, it has become apparent that other businesses doing recurring billing can benefit from MCA's services. We are looking forward to helping a broader spectrum of clients take advantage of the efficient billing options available today.